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Dynamic Video Facebook Ads

Is *jouw stad* binnenkort een Porsche rijker? Dit was het bericht dat werd verzonden aan potentiële Porsche-eigenaren in heel Nederland. Samen met Porsche Nederland hebben we dynamische videocampagne opgezet om awareness te creëren rond de 'Porsche Approved Occasions Days'. En met succes! De dynamische-advertenties werkte beter dan de generieke versie.

Over StoryTEQ

We are StoryTEQ. We empower brands to be personal and relevant in their video marketing. We do this through our state of the art dynamic video platform, which uses data to automatically adapt video. So, instead of serving one video to everyone… we can serve a unique video for every unique individual or target audience. We call this dynamic video. Every day we work for many clients, producing successful dynamic video applications ranging from social campaigns to integrated solutions within customer journeys or programmatic advertising applications. Together we are on a mission to make all online videos as personal and relevant as possible. Want to know how we can help you? Contact us: (0)20 261 9353


The Dynamic Video Platform


Mission: make all online video as personal and relevant as possible.

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