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Opnieuw heeft Samsung een succesvolle personal video campagne gecreërd. Dit keer omtrent het nieuwe toestel, de Samsung S8. In de 'UnboxYour Life' campagne krijgen gebruikers de hoofdrol in hun eigen gepersonaliseerde video, samen met Jan Kooijman en Katja Schuurman. De video werd gedistribueerd via Facebook.

Over StoryTEQ

Starting 1 May 2017 StoryMail will continue work under the name StoryTEQ. This change has come forth from the rapid development within the organization and what it offers to the market. In 2004 experimenting with personalized video began. This translated itself into StoryMail through which personalized videos were distributed mainly through email. As of 2017, the distribution possibilities have increased drastically and the StoryMail platform can make successful use of this. Our mission has remained the same since that time: all online videos as relevant and personal as possible. StoryMail has since grown from a personal video advertising company, with establishments in the Netherlands and England. Every day they work for many clients, producing successful personal video applications ranging from social campaigns, integrated solutions within customer journeys or programmatic advertising applications. From today StoryMail will go on as StoryTEQ with the same mission: make all online videos as personal and relevant as possible.”


The Personal Video Company


Mission: make all online video as personal and relevant as possible.

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