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De mobile app van Radar

Dit is de app van consumentenprogramma Radar van AVROTROS. Via deze app houdt Radar je op de hoogte van het laatste consumentennieuws en handige tips. Omdat ‘consumentennieuws’ een nogal uiteenlopende categorie is, kun je zelf aangeven welke onderwerpen jij wilt volgen.

Over Elements

The human element is at the heart of every decision we make and solution we create, from our clients to their customers. We use data to develop deep insights into each target audience. These insights fuel our imagination and help us create unforgettable digital experiences. We measure our success by how well we create the magical sweet spot that bridges the business needs with peoples’ needs. It’s the secret to our success and how we create magical moments that touch the hearts and minds of clients and customers.


We are an international team with a strong dutch DNA. Very hands on, pragmatic and goal oriented. Striving for continuous improving what we do!


“Technology with a heart.” Today more than ever, technology is disrupting “business as usual.” We’ve kept pace with developments since the infancy of the Internet and rapid growth of mobile technology to IoT and the latest machine learning innovations. But one thing will never change — and it’s the one thing technology can’t replicate. Our hearts, minds and souls. Since day one, we’ve incorporated the human element into everything we do. We believe in human first. This is what sets Elements apart. We factor in our unique human DNA and craftsmanship into every digital experience we create for our customers. It’s our responsibility to maintain this human factor to make tech work for us and with us. This is how we will keep leading the way to a smarter, more human-focused future.

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