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Renault Z.E. Smart Charge App

The Renault Z.E. Smart Charge app makes it possible to charge the 100% electric Renault Zoe with greener and cheaper energy. For this application, Jedlix is the contractor of the project and Groupe Renault is the client. The target market of the Smart Charge app are all Renault Zoe drivers.

Over Jedlix

Jedlix is a Dutch start up and very international orientated. We sell Dutch technology internationally to large car brands and large power grid companies. Our software platform and apps connect the charging of electric vehicles with renewables and energy markets. This supports the integration of renewable energy into the energy system and lowers the costs to charge electric cars. The best of both worlds! We do this in a unique and innovative way by integrating with the connected systems of car manufacturers and charge point operators. Jedlix is partnering with parties like Tesla, Renault, BMW and energy market players like international utilities, grid companies and ventures.


Jedlix is a team full of energy. Together, we are setting a global standard for sustainable mobility. How? By creating a smart way of electric charging. In 1828, Anyos Jedlik invented the electric engine. Years later, the electric car completely revolutionised the automobile market. We are taking giant steps towards sustainable mobility. But in practice, electric cars often use energy generated from fossil fuels. We felt there had to be a better way! At Jedlix, we have made it our promise to ensure that all electric cars use sustainable energy. Very ambitious, but certainly not unrealistically. Our Smart Charging solutions pave the way for the future, making sure that everybody can have the best charging stops. This way, the power grid is not overloaded – and you can help make gas and coal plants things of the past.


The overall goal of Jedlix’ unique technology is to offer a service to minimize and eventually eliminate ‘dirty’ gas and coal-fired power plants. The Renault Z.E. Smart Charge app makes it possible to charge the 100% electric Renault Zoe with greener and cheaper energy.In addition, Groupe Renault wants to gain more insight and grow in the area where energy markets meet electric car drivers. One of the main propositions was whether the 100% electric Renault Zoes could be used to balance the national power grid by using the API. Another purpose of the case is to create scalable solutions to smart charge the Renault Zoe. The Renault Zoe API connected car can be applied to all Zoes worldwide. An additional goal of this product is to research whether Zoe drivers are willing to engage and earn € 250 per year by smart charging.

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