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Over Twentyseven

A digital agency with focus on development and digital transformation. It’s founded by Maarten Slokker, Ben Reineke and Handpicked agencies in 2020. We believe that we are entering a new era were digital agencies need to be more flexible, scalable and Agile. We support companies with complex business challenges and create meaningful digital solutions based on cutting edge technologies, like Sitecore, Storyblok, Contentstack and Contentful, within scalable agile teams built with specialists from Twentyseven, Handpicked agencies and the Handpicked community.


Agile with a true focus on people, process and value. Our teams are built around our clients questions, needs and challenges. Our main focus is on delivery and a short time to market, while maintaining high quality. So we can gain valuable insides and focus on continuous improvements. We start with a short strategy sprint, if needed, focused on customer insights, KPI's, Business strategy and way of work and create a value based backlog. After a strong digital strategy and a value based backlog is created or already is in place, our goal is to focus on delivery. We believe in a short time-to-market with focus on a data driven continuous workflow. Our teams are created with experts from Twentyseven, Handpicked agencies and our Handpicked community with focus on creating value. We can also add specialized professionals to existing client teams that want to shorten their time-to-market or help with specific challenges.


We believe that the world of digital agencies is changing. From full-service multi-discipliner teams to teams that are built around clients goals, needs and challenges with specialized and dedicated professionals. With a strong focus on adding value and a short time-to-market.


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