A transformative journey to become fully consumer centric


Danone Early Life Nutrition (ELN) is committed to helping parents and society give children the best nutritional start in life. Parents today expect seamless engagement with brands, across channels. Danone ELN therefore set out on a transformative journey to become fully consumer centric in its ongoing engagement with parents.


Danone ELN aims to simultaneously drive value for parents by improving relevancy and experience and increase value for the business by addressing uptake and drop-off opportunities during the first 1000 days of parenthood. This will be achieved by being fully consumer centric, delivering relevant offers and providing trustworthy advice and expert recommendations at key moments for parents in their journey. This will lead to increased conversion on continued engagement with parents.

Reaching this goal, starts by understanding where value is highest for parents and for ELN. Specifically, it involves using data and insights, zooming in on the moments in which value is highest and understanding what drives conversion from one stage of the funnel to the next. To do so, Danone ELN needs to master end-to-end journey management and activate specific capabilities like search, precision marketing, and CRM across owned channels in areas where the impact is highest. This requires a big transformation across two axes:
1. Personalization level: from 1: many to 1:1
2. Integration level: from single channel to omni-channel

This transformation further involves these four areas:
• People competence: Training and education to radically improve the digital and CX competencies of ELN teams
• Way of working: Becoming data-driven, consumer led and increase pace of delivery
• Organization set-up and agency ecosystem: Meeting evolving capability requirements with the right balance of in-house specialists and agency support
• Technology, data and content: Deploy a full technology ecosystem and
increase data capabilities and content velocity


The results of the transformation are already visible in the first countries to take part and show an improvement in capabilities and increased sales, both of which are the direct result of the program. In a declining market, these countries are on target to deliver 2-4% increases in net sales, with specific performance increases in:
• Measurable increase in ‘brand of first choice’ (brand preference) due to role of owned channels and precision marketing capabilities.
• Media buying efficiencies (significant increases in return on ad spend).
• Increase in lifetime value through brand and category retention across product stages (i.e., from infant formula to grown-up-milk).

Capability growth:
• Centralized and integrated technology ecosystem that covers a digital experience platform, customer service, consumer database, analytics and tag management, digital assessment management, campaign management, A/B testing and a data management platform. This technology ecosystem is ‘plug and play’ for the countries and reduces tech operations run costs (>30%) for Danone ELN.
• Journey design methodology and education program on digital marketing competencies for traditional marketers and commercial organization, including new ways of working on commercial planning and execution.
• Performance measurement and tracking dashboarding. These attribute sales growth to initiatives to improve the consumer journey.
• Integrated ‘building blocks’ consisting of technology, content, and data applied in a best practice consumer journey logic that is replicated from one market to the next and which delivers cost synergies and learnings on performance optimization.
• eCommerce best practices applied across eRetail partners and direct-to-consumer eCommerce stores delivering strong growth in eCommerce channel.

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Full Force Digital

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This transformation, one of its kind in today’s market, covers the top 18 country business units (in all regions of the world) and is led by Danone ELN HQ and Full Force Digital, with close support and collaboration from Valtech.

The transformation program took a global and holistic approach from day one, with global Danone ELN teams based in Amsterdam working with Valtech teams across multiple regions, Danone’s Global IT organization, based in Paris and India, and a group of interim professionals. There are over 50 professionals working on this program.

After piloting the transformation program in Germany, Danone ELN quickly scaled up, rolling out to six countries in 2018 and a further seven countries planned in 2019. Based on a maturity model and an assessment, each country is working on the transformation at its own pace, guided by a multidisciplinary team of digital consultants, technologists, architects, designers, marketers and change agents.

Given that the digital landscape is constantly evolving, customer demands are increasing, and technology evolution is exponential, Danone ELN is constantly looking ahead at how we could enable seamless journeys in the future. Inventing future 1000 days journey experiences for parents will unlock new growth opportunities and enable frictionless conversations between brands and consumers. Full Force Digital and Valtech have explored leveraging the power of data, emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, and the latest innovations in a 2023 journey visualization. You can learn more about this in the video included with our entry.

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