Bots trade better than humans


RevenYOU is a startup with one goal in mind; changing the world of finance by making A.I. trading available for everyone.


To make the complex interactions of financial trading, algorithms and wealth managers accessible for the masses, RevenYOU challenged us come up with a flow that intensively simplifies trading.

Our goal was to make running a trading algorithm as simple as finding a song to play on your music app.


To achieve this, we started with a thorough competitor and ecosystem analysis followed by an extensive co-design workshop that went far beyond just designing an app and its user flows. We went through the the whole business and strategic side of things; What opportunities do we see, what organisational changes are required to achieve the end-goal, and what strategic partnerships should be made?

With this, we have laid a solid foundation for a scalable platform for RevenYou and at the same time let the business valuation pop through the roof.

We translated all finance/legal related jargon and technicalities into simple and understandable 'human' language and only varied on the most recognisable interaction patterns to give the users a feeling of familiarity whilst using the app.

We used our Emotion Driven UX approach to make sure potential users stay hyped and focussed throughout the sometimes tedious onboarding process. This process is built on the concept that every element of a webpage/app either inspire us or overwhelm us.

Overige informatie

We would love to tell you all about how we've helped RevenYOU grow 800% in business valuation.


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