Creating a new brand identity for a consultancy firm


Connect2Crowd approached WeAreBrain to help them define a brand positioning that was unique and different while also informing how the company talks about itself externally. They also asked us to develop a new design for their website that was more user-centred.


Connect2Crowd found themselves entering their next phase of growth and realised in order to see their ambition for the business come to fruition they needed to find a strategic focus for their brand that would guide future growth. They also wanted to align their team behind shared values and a clear vision and mission.

It was not only important for them to stay relevant to their audiences and to show the value of their services, but to also define who they are so that all current and future employees feel part of one company and one culture.


The final product included the brand’s vision and mission statements, values, personality and clear target audiences. WeAreBrain also gave the Connect2Crowd's logo a refresh and a full set of visual guidelines were developed.

Along with the brand revamp, WeAreBrain then developed new content for their site that was in line with their newly defined brand voice and tone. We also worked on the UX and design of their website to ensure a better user-flow.


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