Dashboard as a full-service BI tool


Mannenmedia - the one and only digital men's network in the Netherlands, contracted Amsterdam Standard to build them a dashboard that can be used both internally by Mannenmedia and externally by their publisher clients to provide direct insights into earnings. And the result is a success.


Mannenmedia was looking for a solution that would provide them business intelligence into all their monetizing techniques and platforms. At the time it took many hours of reporting and manually merging data for their team to be able to provide yield management and troubleshooting. Another problem that was found to be time-consuming and prone to human error was the reporting for end of month billing.


Mannenmedia now has the fast, reliable and scalable dashboard that provides the entire team with both overall and detailed insights into earnings. The functionality of the dashboard saves countless hours in creating reports each month for both commercial and financial teams. An additional benefit is that the Mannenmedia publishers have daily-updated insights into their earnings, so they are aware of what to expect at the end of the month.

At the beginning of the collaboration, both companies had several sessions of cross-path education and brainstorming to create an outline of the look-and-feel and functionality of the future dashboard. The developers meanwhile started creating the API connections between advertising platforms and the dedicated server for the Mannenmedia dashboard. At the same time with the first phase of development, Amsterdam Standard's design team created several mock-up designs of the dashboard and data tables.

The developers were active with filtering, sorting and unifying data in all the different dimensions and macro's in-between diverse advertising platforms. They have used Symfony 4 as a backend framework and Angular as front-end technology.
In a few months' time, the first beta dashboard was available for Mannenmedia to review and test. While the developers were working on fine-tuning and adding more platforms to the dashboard, the design team created the final designs.

After 1 year of designing & developing the dashboard was put into production. The dashboard became accessible to all members of the Mannenmedia team and their publishers.

Amsterdam Standard

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