Developing a global arbitration knowledge base


The International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) approached WeAreBrain to get a full revision of their website, which had been created over 12 years ago.


Aside from wanting a fresh new look, we needed to create a website that had the same flexibility as the old one, as well as ensure that all the data and the 1000+ active members were migrated across to the new site seamlessly. In addition, ICCA required a new platform to be built for the Young ICCA.

Typically when setting up a new site or platform, our development team would first finalise all functionality before the content is added. However, ICCA’s needs were different. Realising that manually adding content would take an additional two months, we needed to approach development and release differently.

This required us to allow new content to be added to the production environment while our development team worked in parallel developing additional new content types and functionalities at the same time.


To kick-off the process, WeAreBrain’s development team needed to design and develop hundreds of new page templates using a modular approach to provide flexibility for the editors while ensuring consistency. The team also facilitated the automation of the content migration process for the structured content that could be migrated by the technology. This consisted of 500 PDF documents, 1000+ active members, and 450 news stories.

After the automatic migration process was completed, the team turned their attention to fully automating the ICCA membership signup procedure. Previously, users filled in the registration form which the ICCA team then had to verify before sending back an invoice. Once the payment was done, the approver had to manually add payment details onto their system. Since the subscription is not automatically prolonged, the ICCA team had to repeat the same process for every single user once a year - for all 1000 of them.

Thanks to the efforts of the WeAreBrain team, the process is now fully automated. Members can create their own accounts, follow a link to the payment page in their profile, pay their membership fee and get activated in real-time. Members are now notified multiple times before their membership subscription expires so they have sufficient time to renew it. Once their new subscription payment has been processed, their data gets automatically added to the ICCA database.


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