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Dutch Design Weeks digital platform is always on the move. Shifting and changing over the year, the website always presents the most useful and inspiring content at the right time.The platform also provides the tools for designers to connect, present and exhibit their work in the best way possible.


Dutch Design Weeks digital platform wants to celebrate the impact of design in every shape and form. Through talks, exhibitions, think tanks and commissioned projects, the participating designers and audience reflect on what’s happening in society and rethink how design can act as a tool for change.

The digital platform should function as a crossroad to reflect, connect and compile a program that suits your needs. At the same time, the digital platform should provide the tools for participating designers to showcase and schedule their programs and ideas in 3D viewing rooms, live chats or live streams within the DDW-program. Because of the Corona-virus, the platform should be able to support a hybrid event with both digital and real-life events.

Decrease information overload. With over 1500 designers, 500 events and 120 different locations, being able to curate is key. It should be easy for users to encounter new ideas, see what’s happening now and follow a tour by renowned guest curators like Dezeen and IKEA. The website should offer a low threshold for people to get in touch and join in on conversations.

Dutch Design Foundation wants the platform to be relevant throughout the year and be able to shift focus on different target groups. And more importantly. Dutch Design Foundation wants to push boundaries. The digital platform should be just as ambitious as the organisation.


Grounded in a partnership of four years, we continued building new features and components on a concept we call Design Time. Shifting and changing over the years, the website moves from editorial pages to lead generation. User interaction and editorial calendars influence the custom-made algorithm.

The building blocks of this seamless experience are made in the back-end. We connected DDW to all its subsidiaries within one CRM-system and the use of an API. This makes cross-platform promotions a breeze and services designers to store all the necessary information in only one place using a single login.

The platform truly proved its versatility in Edition 2020 – in just 2 weeks we went from a hybrid event to the biggest virtual design festival in the world. Drawing on pioneers like Nite Hotel and Wolfenstein 3D, we built 3D exhibition rooms to create sensory experiences in a virtual world. In doing so, we had to rethink what virtual space, light and interaction felt like.

Within cms-presets, exhibitors had full control over the ambience by playing with colours, shape, light, sound and video.

Visitors could browse a real-time calendar, attend live talks, chat with the designers or fly through the 750 digital exhibitions by leaving their email addresses.

During the online festival 65.000 viewers watched a total of 465 days of DDWTV. 400 livestreams and 750 unique exhibition rooms were hosted, ensuring a global reach of 4 million people within 10 days. Time on site doubled to a 6:20 minute average.

Bureau(s) waarmee is samengewerkt

Dutch Design Week is a collaborative effort between Dutch Design Foundation, Vruchtvlees (Digital Branding & Web Development) Yorit Kluitman & Johan Moorman (brand identity), Damon van Drimmelen (CGI), Blickfänger (Video), Niels Groenendijk (motion) and Frank Sens (sound).

Overige informatie

You can find a selection of the 3D rooms on rooms.ddw.nl.

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