Flirt 360 Virtual Reality Tour


For NS we created the Flirt 360 Virtual Reality Tour. A fully interactive world where gamification was the starting point and the new Flirt the star. Dutch Railway Company NS was eager to explore the role of VR in their training programme.


The Tour puts the user inside (and outside) of this spectacular new, high-tech train highlighting functions and features for both technical personnel such as machinists and technicians, as well as cleaners and ticket inspectors. With clear visual design, a smart and intuitive user interface, friendly voice-over and a gratifying reward system that ended with a bang, we made sure the experience was both informative as entertaining. Using high-res 360 video and photography, and the latest technologies we delivered an immersive experience that paved the way for more e-learning and virtual reality projects at NS.


To kick-start the whole experience, we sent out 15,000 custom designed cardboard headsets to NS personnel. The Tour (available for both iOS and Android) could be downloaded on a private website only accessible of NS employees. After download we could monitor everything. With an impressive 9,35 minute session per average user, and 53% of all users returning to the Tour after their first visit, the launch was an immediate success. Four months later (and counting) the Flirt 360 Virtual Reality Tour still sees a steady stream of daily downloads.

Overige informatie

What if we could let NS personnel get familiar with the Flirt without the need for them to be on this train in the real world? Not only to reduce the expensive, time-consuming training days, but also to explore virtual reality as a technology to teach, learn and guide new recruits and the existing NS workforce. The introduction of a new train, called the Flirt, was the perfect moment to take this idea to the next level.


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