Follow your Intuition


‘Follow your intuition’ is an online film with an interactive soundtrack that will be enriched with a new dimension of the track after every interaction, promoting the new Peugeot 108. Visitors can discover these dimensions by themselves.


We were given the task to form a digital experience following up on the 108 TVC with the positioning 'Pure on intuition'.


Building from the most intuitive of all -music- we give users the control over an interactive movie and have them build up the soundtrack. This could be done on any device and led the user to meeting the 108 at the end of the film.

Starting with the footage from the TVC, we formed a story where the user follows our main character during her day, and how intuitive she goes her way. During her day, certain moments trigger an interactive part where the user adds a layer of sound to the video. By doing this several times, the users adds more and more of the sound experience. Because music is intuitive, you never do it 'wrong'. Tap or click in your own rhythm and hear & see the site respond. After the sound sequence the film continues, now enriched with your latest sound. The last scene seamlessly extends into a product film, where intuitive USP's of the 108 are shared. Leads are generated by entering for prizes and offers for a brochure or testdrive.

Follow your Intuition won acclaim for setting the bar in design and interactivity worldwide. It has been added to best practices in interface design and usability. The campaign contributed to the brand awareness of Peugeot and the innovation based strategy they're following.

The campaign led to +284% in sessions on the Peugeot 108 online showroom, where +50% configurations were made of the 108. This resulted in an increase of +36% in leads.


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