KeesdeBoekhouder is a household name in the creative industry. Their take on bookkeeping enables entrepreneurs to focus and grow their business. We were asked to redesign their online bookkeeping platform. The redesign was met with great enthusiasm from the customers, and helps thousands of them grow their business.


A key part of the client’s business is their online platform. It’s the bridge between the bookkeepers and users. Because most touchpoints are on-platform; for many users the platform is synonymous with the Brand.

Heavyweight was asked to redesign the client’s existing online platform, working in close collaboration with the leadership and in-house development team.

Since we are their customers ourselves we had a unique point-of-view. We were quite familiar with the existing platform, and already had a few thoughts about what worked and what needed to be improved.

One of the key objectives was to align the platform with the Brand. The existing platform had not been updated in a few years; and that was evident in the design. The visual look and feel needed a refresh.

Key objectives:
Create a user-centered platform that is genuinely nice to use.
Create a durable design system with future expansion in mind.
Align the look and feel of the platform with the Brand.
Improve wayfinding and user-understanding of tax processes.
Show users they are working towards a goal and show their progress.


The creative brief from the client was to design a platform that felt solid and functional. Users tend to spend a lot of time on the platform. This lead us to take the usability impact of each design decision into account.

We aligned the platform with the Brand’s minimal aesthetic, subtle use of colour, and a strong focus on information and type. Carefully crafting an interface that balances form and function.

The launch of the new online platform was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. The client couldn’t have been happier. Refreshing the online platform was something they had been working towards for a long time. Seeing it come to fruition in such a good way was very pleasing.

Thousands of users are enjoying the new features and the bespoke new look. They’re empowered to build and expand their businesses; knowing that the financial ends of their companies are in perfect order.

The new platform is a key part of the client’s growth strategy– and it has already paid off; Since the launch of the platform the client has welcomed many new customers, and opened up two new offices to keep up with demand.


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