Mobile strategy, websites & apps PostNL / TNT


For PostNL (formerly TNT Post) One Shoe developed mobile marketing strategy, sites & apps

Achtergronden van deze case

Around 2008, One Shoe was approached by PostNL for helping to create a marketing strategy for the emerging mobile marketing landscape. As part of this strategy, One Shoe and PostNL responded to the growing demand of "any time, any place, any device" mobile customer care, by developing mobile websites and apps, with specific services for mobile users (like location based services).


Several goals were at the heart of the project;
• To make PostNL's most used and requested services easily accessible on mobile devices for a large target audience;
• To develop solutions that are comercially viable and focus on conversion;
• To integrate the solutions in PostNL's business processes and commercial proposition.


Results of the project were;
• A mobile marketing strategy spanning several years into the future
• A mobile website with amongst others track & trace and location finder
• Apps for iOS & Android with similar features & location based services
• A "stamp gerator" feature
• And much more....

Last but not least, the PostNL case was included in Google's "Beste Practices for Mobile" (see weblink)

One Shoe

One Shoe
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