Renault Z.E. Smart Charge App


The Renault Z.E. Smart Charge app makes it possible to charge the 100% electric Renault Zoe with greener and cheaper energy. For this application, Jedlix is the contractor of the project and Groupe Renault is the client. The target market of the Smart Charge app are all Renault Zoe drivers.


The significant increase in the usage of electric cars and therefore the increase in energy demand, as well as the generation of clean, renewable energy, are two trending topics worldwide. Jedlix offers unique technology, which creates value for all the actors in our platform. We connect the interests of -at first sight not obvious combination- Groupe Renault, energy companies and electric car users. The project included two parts: we (Jedlix) developed the Z.E. Smart Charge app for Groupe Renault and provided the service in which the Renault Zoe drivers can earn ‘free’ money by using ‘smart charging’. Both the app and the services developed by Jedlix are launched in the beginning of 2018 for Renault Zoe drivers in the Netherlands.

The overall goal of Jedlix’ unique technology is to offer a service to minimize and eventually eliminate ‘dirty’ gas and coal-fired power plants. The Renault Z.E. Smart Charge app makes it possible to charge the 100% electric Renault Zoe with greener and cheaper energy. In addition, Groupe Renault wants to gain more insight and grow in the area where energy markets meet electric car drivers. One of the main propositions was whether the 100% electric Renault Zoes could be used to balance the national power grid by using the API. Another purpose of the case is to create scalable solutions to smart charge all Renault Zoe's Zoes worldwide. An additional goal of this product is to research whether Zoe drivers are willing to engage and earn € 250 per year.


Jedlix is a spin-off from energy company Eneco and founded by former employees of the Eneco trading desk. This provided profound, in-house knowledge of the energy market which was the basis for the developed algorithms. Several small scale testcases with Renault were initiated before launching the Z.E. Smart Charge app. These testcases were executed successfully, as the Renault Zoe could be connected to the Jedlix platform and the users were willing to smart charge their Renault Zoe.

The successful launch of the Z.E. Smart Charge service had several highly interesting results:
- Hundreds of Renault Zoe drivers are earning a financial reward by smart charging and are willing to stay engaged. The API successfully connected the car to the platform, and therefore is scalable worldwide.
- Proof Of Concept is that Renault Zoes can be used to balance the power grid. The response time of the car (start/stop charging signal) turned out to be fast enough to manage demand and supply on the energy trade markets which are connected to the Jedlix platform. This implies that steps can be taken to fully abandon dirty power plants used to balance national power grids.
- It is concluded that for every 2,500 Renault ZOEs that are balancing the power grid, one dirty power plant could be decommissioned from his responsibility to balance the power grid
- Since Renault was convinced Smart Charging is a must for driving electric vehicles, they took a 25% share in Jedlix.

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Jedlix is a Dutch start up and very international orientated. We sell Dutch technology internationally to large car brands and large power grid companies. Jedlix is the world leader in the market and the first company which introduced this service and platform on the market, with Groupe Renault. Unique is the combination of: Over the air API connected cars, 100% software, Live B2C services and a 100% EV focus. The 100% software solution is hardware agnostic and is in the case of the Renault Z.E. Smart Charge app is extremely scalable and standardized.

The Renault Z.E. Smart charge proves that the Jedlix technology can solve a highly relevant problem: potential unbalance on the power grid. Smart charging of electric cars is a must & the possibility to fully depend on clean energy generation.

National electricity power grid need to be balanced, which means electricity demand should match the supply to prevent that the power grid will be over/underloaded and potentially lead to power outages. Soon, large amounts of electric cars will be plugged in at charging station in the same time frame. Energy market players need to balance their portfolio and are always looking for new opportunities to do so.
Energy market players are willing to pay Jedlix to get a more controlled balance on the power grid. Jedlix’ platform can control the demand and supply of the electric car by sending ‘start/ stop charging’ signals to the connected car via API. The platform contains specialized and unique algorithms developed by Jedlix.

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