Introducing Sideline Swap, an e-commerce platform which allows users to buy and sell quality used sports gear.


In 2012, a group of former college athletes realised how difficult it was to find high-quality used sports gear online with no dedicated e-commerce platforms available. This created the desire to create Sideline Swap - an e-commerce platform that supported the sports community by making previously owned sports gear more affordable and available. They also wanted to connect athletes with each other via this platform. Their key challenge was they had a great idea but they lacked the know-how of how to realise their dream.


Our Solution
Based on the startup’s roadmap and 24-month business plan, WeAreBrain set out to scout and hire a pool of senior full stack developers and architects to run continuous delivery projects with the company’s CTO. We set up a nearshore tech team of developers and engineers with the goal to create a bespoke e-commerce platform that is user-friendly, dynamic and intuitive.

We managed to increased output by over 50% with a reduced burn rate of 40%. This resulted in Sideline Swap seeing a double in revenue in one year and currently preparing for a successful Series B investment round.

Overige informatie

Sidelineswap was recently selected to the 50 Boston startups to watch


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