Smartify is a free app that allows you to scan and identify artworks, access rich interpretation and build a personal art collection in some of the world’s best museums and galleries.


Smartify is a free app which helps people make meaningful connections with art. Using image recognition technology, Smartify instantly identifies artworks by scanning them on your smartphone.

Through Smartify, users can unlock the stories behind the art, create a digital personal art collection, and share with the Smartify community. Smartify is available at a global network of over 50 partner venues, including some of the world’s most popular museums such as The National Gallery in London, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and Smithsonian National Gallery in Washington.


Smartify is a global platform for discovering art and learning more about it. We created a single solution that works across museums and art collections across the world. The app has almost 500k downloads, 300k active users and it is live across 20 of the world’s top 100 most visited museums.

From an innovation standpoint, it is using cutting-edge image recognition and machine learning to quickly scan and identify artworks and attribute, title, artist and other metadata. The app was designed using the double-diamond model ensuring constant design iterations and use of insights from potential users as well as partner cultural institutions that support it. It is the first platform of its kind to be truly supported by big household names (national gallery, Rijksmuseum, the met et al.) across the sector. The app was first released in May 2016 but it has grown to a list of 52 partners within the later part of 2017. The app has won multiple awards (Apollo Magazine Digital Innovation of the Year for 2017 and Glomo Award for the most innovative app of 2017 )

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MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive

MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive
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