The Hovering Art Director


Adobe Stock the same as any other stock. Except, it’s embedded in Photoshop so designers can work faster. Now, they can finally keep up with The Hovering Art Director.

We created the campaign anti-hero through social listening. We went beyond b2b, became part of designer culture and crushed all KPI’s


Adobe is the key provider of software for the creative industry. ‘To Photoshop’ has turned into a verb and what Spa is to mineral water and Nespresso is to coffee cups, Adobe is to design tools. Adobe asked us to launch their new stock images service.

Challenge 1: Adobe Stock is pretty much the same as any other stock provider.
Except for one thing: Adobe Stock is embedded within the software, and therefore saves you time. Challenge: how can we create an impactful campaign around a functional benefit like ‘fast workflow’ and use it to strike a blow against the competition?

Challenge 2: Stock photography is a necessary evil
To designers, stock photography is a necessary evil. The result most of the time isn’t truly satisfying: it’s is mainly used to mock-up designs, temporarily fill blanks, or as a cheap solution when there’s no budget for actual photography. Challenge: how can we get designers’ attention for something they don’t really get excited about?

The brief:
Create a campaign targeting the creative industry, that creates awareness and consideration for Adobe Stock and inspires to try and use.

Concrete KPI’s:
> Reach (target: 10 million qualitative impressions within the creative industry)
> Engagement (target: 1% = industry benchmark)
> Leads (target: 5% conversion)


United against a common enemy
We tapped into design culture and brought designers’ biggest frustration to life: The Hovering Art Director as anti-hero of the campaign. The tagline ‘Keep up with hovering art directors. Make it with Adobe Stock.’, made the benefit relevant to designers

Then we set ourselves the challenge of going beyond the obvious b-to-b channels and mechanics and really become a part of online designer culture.

The campaign was based on extensive social media listening. The term ‘Hovering Art Director’ was firmly rooted in design culture and particular quotes came from real life experience.

The campaign video was an instant hit on Youtube and Facebook. People spontaneously suggested follow-ups and started sharing their own hovering quotes.

We turned this into an effective activation: we brought the Hovering Art Director to life in an attention-grabbing-jealousy-sparking-I-totally-want-this-on-my-desk-collectors-item.

18,5 million qualitative impressions within the creative industry worldwide. (Target: 10 million)

The campaign had an engagement rate of 3.26%, over three times higher than the industry average, with a positive sentiment on all three target groups (100% positive score) and a social view completion rate twice the benchmark. Over 3000 designers willingly put an Adobe-branded design toy on their desk, so the toy can be seen as the ultimate foot-in-the-door item.

This converted into 12,6% leads (target 10%). The webinars attracted nearly 700% more participants than strived for.

Overige informatie

The campaign came to life in the following media:

Online video
We created a main video around our character plus different ‘meme-like’ cut-downs using his most typical phrases, specifically targeted at the creative community on Youtube and well-known design blogs.

Social media
We gathered quotes and insights through an extensive social listening campaign. Then, we also challenged designers to come up with their most annoying typical art-director phrases, as a lead generation mechanic for Adobe. The winners received a unique Hovering Art Director designer toy.

Designer toy
We brought the Hovering Art Director to life in an attention-grabbing-jealousy-sparking-I-totally-want-this-on-my-desk-collectors-item.
The designer toy is equipped with a built-in speaker with 18 lines of pure hovering wisdom and comes in Adobe-branded packaging that’s custom designed down to the very last detail to match the Hovering Art Director’s personality.

In a live webinar on Youtube we created the key visual from the video in real time, made out of more than 150 Adobe Stock images.


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