The Interactive Punching Bag


The Interactive Punching Bag is an inventive installation created for Fight cancer. A fully functional punchable screen, custom-made from over 4,000 responsive LEDs. The Punching Bag lets you see how cancer cells develop and allows you to donate by the punch in the fight against cancer.


With classic methods of charity fundraising falling out of favour, the goal was to develop an experimental and innovative installation that could raise funds for cancer research. The charity in question was the Dutch Cancer Society, and the brief was provided by NGO Fight Cancer, a foundation that helps activate people set up charity fundraisers and awareness events.


We created The Interactive Punching Bag, an inventive installation that allows you to donate by the punch to raise funds for cancer research. The punching bag features a fully functional punchable screen that simulates how fast cancer can develop and challenges you to fight back the cells.

Alongside being an actual means to raise money and awareness, the punching bag is meant to inspire people to approach communication challenges in a different way, leading to creative and promising charity events.

The Interactive Punching Bag continues to raise awareness for cancer research by travelling from gym to gym getting more people involved in the fight. The campaign’s exposure resulted in cancer charities from India to the US approaching Fight Cancer to create more bags to help raise funds. In terms of awareness, the punching bag was featured by Fast Company, VICE, PSFK, Bored Panda, Fubiz, and many others, making it an international PR success.

Overige informatie

Credits list:

Client: Fight Cancer / de Persgroep Nederland
Responsible at client: Limore Noach, Stefanie van Rootselaar, Willem-Albert Bol

Studio: Thijs Biersteker
Concept Creative direction: Thijs Biersteker

Production Agency : MediaMonks
Executive producer: Joris Pol
Producer: Ciaran Woods
Creative technologist: Ubi de Feo
Account manager: Daan Hissink Muller
Technical lead: Mart Kolthof
Creative director: Matthijs Klip
Developers: Dario Longobardi, Corstiaan Smorenburg,Michal KristĂ­n, Martijn Grootendorst
Film production: Gerben Molenaar, Matt Gordon, Zoey van der Heijden

Sound agency: Amp.Amsterdam
Interactive Sound design : Amp.Amsterdam


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