The Loop - Launching the OnePlus3


OnePlus is a global start-up challenging conventional ideas of technology. Created around the “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed mobile devices with premium build quality and high performance hardware.


In 2015, OnePlus surprised the world with the first product launch in VR and in 2016 they needed to take this idea to the next level for the launch of their newest and so far most advanced flagship smartphone, OnePlus 3. To create the most engaging and interactive experience for Oneplus' community and technology enthusiasts, we created 'The Loop' - the world’s first VR looping animation and the world’s first global shopping experience in a mobile VR-app.

OnePlus clearly set an interesting goal: “Create a ‘never seen before’ experience that will disrupt the VR world making sure the total target audience will be reached”. We could have decided to come up with wild, mind-boggling ideas that would stretch the excising boundaries and restrictions of contemporary smart phones. And we did. But reaching out to the target audience also brings along a considerable challenge: how do we make sure that even people with slow internet connections and low performance smart phones (such as in key markets like India) can also experience something they’ve ‘never seen before’.


“The Loop” is the name of the mobile first VR experience that creates a never-ending animation at a virtual space station high above the Earth’s surface. While being inside The Loop, users can explore many of the key features of the new OnePlus 3 smartphone, and even order one in this virtual world and have it delivered to the real one. 
The campaign features the world’s first VR looping animation app. And via a VR headset potential customers are welcomed into the OnePlus office of the future. Innovation and mobile meet in an amazing e-commerce experience.

Based on 360° CGI and 4D sound technologies we created an interactive experience never seen before and it sets a new standard for VR experiences on smartphones.
The campaign creates an interactive and engaging mobile experience through ingenious use of seamlessly looped Hollywood quality CGI 3D stereoscopic visuals. The custom VR playback engine is optimized for low latency, high resolution and high frame-rate mobile VR immersion, making it possible for viewers to enjoy a rich VR experience. When using low performance phones, or other VR viewers, the app automatically adjusts so that experience stays always immersive, for instance by switching from stereoscopic 4K video to non-stereoscopic 2K video, and from special sound to stereo sound.

Overige informatie

The campaign’s goal via the app is a strong community engagement for OnePlus fans and technology enthusiasts.
The ever-innovative OnePlus 3 launched on June 14, 2016, and The Loop can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. For the first 2.5 hours OnePlus 3 could only be ordered from inside The Loop. The campaign has within the first day of the launch resulted in:
• Total mobile downloads in the first 24 hours: 58,000
• Conversion rate during the first 2,5 hours: 12 % (3800 purchases, 31,745 visits)
• Average session length in the first hour after launch: 16,5 minutes
The campaign was launched in the US, Europe, India and China.

Raising the bar of known VR applications, making sure the total target audience will be reached with an immersive experience. And selling the smart phone when all features of the OnePlus3 have been seen. The OnePlus3 Experience shows that in-app purchasing and vCommerce have a bright future. Furthermore, it makes it clear that it is possible to engage clients for 16 and half minutes by offering an immersive, mind-blowing experience.


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