The Netflix of e-learning in hospitality


In Q1 2016 Lobster Ink, the world’s leading online education platform for the hospitality industry, approached the Brain team to explore a new collaboration. The partnership would entail the design, development and launch of a new Lobster Ink website and online marketing of the Lobster Ink platform, globally.


Brain set up two dedicated sprint teams that worked with Lobster Ink over a period of six months. A truly international initiative; teams were located in Amsterdam, Kiev, Geneva and CapeTown, meeting daily, using software support tools to support the collaboration.

Team One (re)designed and developed the new website, including the development of an enterprise ready, open source CMS (Umbraco) and the customization and integration of 3rd party services for job application tracking. (, PR ( and Employee Onboarding (
A DevOps engineer would manage the Azure Cloud hosting environment of the site.

Team two, Brain’s marketing specialists, created a digital strategy focusing on content creation and management (text, visual video), as well as key online marketing operations; SEO, social media support, and data analytics.

Increased brand recognition
- Develop a website in line with Lobster Ink’s brand guidelines and brand positioning
- Increase global brand awareness
- Increase employee engagement

Increased brand engagement
- Increase time spent on site
- Facilitate easier content discovery
- Improve engagement with learners

Increased web traffic
- Increase overall website traffic from own, earned and paid media
- Increase SEO traffic
- Increase traffic from Social

Sales and lead generation
- Increase B2B/enterprise sales leads
- Increase direct response / conversion
- Foster better relationships with industry experts through thought leadership in hospitality

Scalability and security
- Build a scalable global platform built on and with Azure Cloud
- Enable video streaming globally (including in China behind the firewall)

Other strategic benefits
- Ease of use for internal teams spanning from marketing content to HR
- Enable a faster go to to market and reduce development lead times


Project delivered on time and in budget!

As a direct result of adding new relevant content, the organic search results improved by more than 25% (25.86% vs a target increase of +10% in year 1).

New user numbers increased by 45.82% vs an initial target of 30% growth.

The average time spent on the site increased by 53.66%, which is slightly above the initial target. Primarily due to the addition of relevant landing pages and a massive reduction in bounce rates (-59%).

Page views more than doubled by 138.31% (vs an initial target of 60% in year 1). This increase is likely to have a direct correlation with potential future revenue streams such as sponsored content.

Enterprise sales lead requests increased by 83% which is in line with, although slightly below, the initial target for year 1.

More than 10 000 new followers and fans were gained during this period, which was more than 50% above the official target for that time frame. As a result sessions via social referral increased by more than 450%.

Overige informatie

Working with Lobster Ink is about changing lives. From barmen in Burundi to housekeepers in Hong-Kong, hospitality staff in over 120 countries globally watch their video lessons to learn how to offer better service to guests and fast-forward their careers.

Education is about passion as much as it’s about knowledge. And you’d be hard pressed to find a more passionate bunch of people. Lobster Ink makes a quantifiable difference in many of their learners’ lives. All you need to do is speak to someone in the Lobster Ink team and you will hear spectacular stories about brave and dedicated people around the world.

Whether we’re talking about the two young Zambians traveling along the crocodile infested Zambezi river in the hope of landing a job in a prestigious Safari camp to a young woman who became one of the first female safari guides in Namibia or the young man from Nepal who worked his way through the ranks to senior management in a 5 star Dubai hotel allowing him the freedom to pay for his younger sister’s education - Lobster Ink has helped pave the way to success for these inspiring humans.

Helen Sibuyi, is just one of these impressive people. Using little more than her determination and Lobster Ink to take her from a rural village in South Africa to winning a scholarship at a school in Portofino Italy.
Watch Her story. It reveals the true power of Lobster Ink:

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