Volvo Vehicle Handover Training


To enhance the driving experience and improve fuel efficiency Volvo asked us to develop a new Vehicle Handover training. A native app with VR, micro-learnings and gamification; An app that truck drivers can use anytime, anywhere. Content is created for each truck configuration to ensure a hyper relevant learning experience.


The goal is to enhance the driving experience and improve fuel efficiency.

The Vehicle Hand Over app trains the driver using short and playfull learning formats. Dashboards in the app are easily accessible and show progress and points scored, combined with a leader board it triggers intrinsic motivation with the user to improve and complete the program.

In the already existing Fleet management system 'DynaFleet' Volvo uses IoT to track anticipation of braking, use of engine and transmission, adaptation to speed and idle time are measured and stored.

By combining data from the Vehicle hand over training app and the DynaFleet IoT data, Volvo Trucks can correlate learning scores from the app with fuel efficiency scores and create a benchmarks for the other app users. By analysing the combined data, Volvo can pinpoint what learning content contributes to a higher fuel efficiency score. Thus making it possible to adjust, change or push certain content to improve the fuel efficiency score of all truck drivers using the app.

A higher fuel efficiency means a lower carbon footprint and lower maintenance costs. Data driven learning in its purest form.


Volvo Trucks are filled with smart technology. Using it to its full potential might take some getting used to and changing driving behaviour. That is why we take drivers on a journey spanning several weeks. We don’t want to cognitively overload drivers. We start with the basics and gradually introduce new features.

The Vehicle Handover (VHO) already starts before the Truck is delivered. The driver can start the journey by exploring their new truck inside and outside in a VR experience. We call this the Pre-Boarding phase.

All the technology inside a Volvo truck is aimed at driving as safe and fuel efficient as possible.
Getting drivers to adopt this Volvo way of driving is what we work on during the whole journey.
Not only by showing and telling them this with engaging content, but also by incorporating challenges and incentives to really encourage them to learn and experiment with new behaviour and making it personal.

The dealer receives more input on the how and what of the physical VHO. The app supports the physical VHO and the app involves the dealer further on in the ‘onboarding’ process.

The driver gets weekly journeys about different (new) features. With focus on ‘what’s in my truck for me?’ Updates with tips, videos and micro-learnings to improve his understanding of his vehicle.

The fleet owner receives satisfaction data based on input from the driver and he gets informed about additional training opportunities. A dashboard shows the truck drivers improved skills and maps this to the fuel efficiency score.

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Overige informatie

This project has been rewarded with two international awards.

First Volvo Trucks Netherlands won an internal award form Volvo Trucks global - the Innovation award.

When the app was live we won a Learning Technology award in the category: Best learning technologies project - international commercial sector

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